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Internet Oracularity #835-02    (6xSv7 dist, 3.0 mean)
Selected-By: cierhart@mail.ic.net (Otis Viles)

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply. Your question was:

>      Oracle, Oracle on my internet connection
>      Please tell me...
>      Why is the large land mass northeast of Canada called "Greenland"
>      when most of the area is covered with an ice sheet?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Yawn.  The ignorance of some supplicants nearly overwhelms me.
} But wait, I'm the Oracle, and cannot be overwhelmed.
} Your ignorance UNDERwhelms me.
} Eric (The Red) and his son Leif ran a real-estate operation about a
} thousand years ago.  They enticed Norse farmers (who should have known
} better) to pull up stakes and move to the Vast Unexplored and Fertile
} Terretories they claimed to have discovered.  Iceland was first, but
} that name didn't go over very well.  Next was Greenland, and then
} Vineland, and finally Columbus, Ohio.  Each more enticing, more
} expensive, and further away than the one before.  Sort of like
} suburban subdivision tracts.
} There was a bit of a problem in reaching Columbus, Ohio.  First of
} all, Columbus hadn't been born yet.  Secondly, the Norse explorers
} were trying to get there via a northern route, sailing south from
} Husdon's Bay.  They landed in Minnesota.  If you do not believe me, go
} to Lake Woebegone. where you can find the Statue of the Unknown
} Norwegian.  (Actually, because I'm an all-knowing Oracle, I know who
} he is, but I'm not telling.  Oskar Knutsen's secret is safe with me.)
} You owe the Oracle someone who will eat the rest of a year's supply
} case of lutefisk.

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