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The material in The Internet OracleTM Resource Index is copyrighted. The copyright on original text, graphics, HTML and Perl scripts is held by Scott Panzer (those items found on pcnet) and David Sewell (those items found on packrat). The copyright on the Oracle server software and associated files is held by Steve Kinzler. In addition, The Internet OracleTM (also known as The Usenet OracleTM) holds a copyright on oracularities according to the following policy, as stated by Kinzler:

As stated in the Oracle help file, users of the Oracle implicitly give their permission for Oracularities to be used in the Usenet Oracularities digests. Less than 7% of the more than 100,000 Oracularities written have been selected by the Oracle priesthood and compiled, published and vote tabulated by myself. These digests do have a copyright, which I hold on behalf of the "Oracle". I consider this compilation copyright to apply to any subset of Oracularities from the Internet Oracularities digests. So, while an author can still maintain a personal copyright on their own questions and answers, they implicitly grant their use as Usenet Oracularities publications and republications.

The Internet OracleTM and The Usenet OracleTM are trademarks held by Steve Kinzler.
Some of Panzer's scripts include code snippets from form-mail.pl, copyright 1993 by Reuben Lerner.

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