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Internet Oracularity #1410-10    (0ebd3 dist, 3.1 mean)
Selected-By: Dave Hemming <dhemming@blueyonder.co.uk>

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply. Your question was:


And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

}     "Hmm..." said Montgomery, rubbing his chin. "I'm
} afraid I don't get how that would work. Automobiles
} weren't that common at the time, were they?"
}     "Oh, but it wouldn't take place in a city like the
} others." said Ohme earnestly. "The player would be on
} the battlefield, jumping from trench to jeep to tank
} at will. Instead of working for gangs, you'd take jobs
} from Germany, France, and Austria-Hungary. You'd get
} to use weapons and vehicles from that era. And if it's
} a success, I even have an idea for an expansion pack!"
}     "That being?" said Montgomery, obviously only
} humoring the other man.
}     "Grand Theft Auto: World War One Edition: The
} Eastern Front!"
}     "...I think not." Ohme looked crushed. Montgomery,
} ignoring him, turned to another executive at the
} table. "And what was your idea, Hambleton?"
}     "Grand Theft Auto: Ancient Egypt!"
}     Montgomery sighed and shook his head. "I liked it
} better back in the day when just substituting some
} vaguely West Coast-inspired locale name for a sequel
} number was enough of a novelty. I think we'd better
} hire Miyamoto if we want to infuse new life into this
} series."
}     Hambleton looked aghast. "Cel-shaded GTA? Are you
} crazy?"
}     *  *  *
} You owe the Oracle a back issue of Game Informer from 2012.

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