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Biographies of The Internet Oracle Priesthood

Alyce "With a 'Y'" Wilson

Tenure: November 1994-Present

The newest member of the priesthood, Alyce "With a 'Y'" Wilson is a graduate student in poetry at Pennsylvania State University. I'm working towards an MFA, not an MA -- meaning that I *write* poems, not critique them. 'Course, I do a fair amount of the critiquing bit, too, but only when I'm forced to by people wielding nasty little green grade books.

I also teach English 15 (Freshman Rhetoric and Composition), and if I were grading this bio, I'd probably ask why the author started in third person and then switched to first. Well, because I *wanted* to, dammit! And besides, you only learn the rules of English so that you can break them later! I'm tired of all this "Rules of Grammar" bunk! I'm a trendsetter: a James Joyce, a Thomas Pynchon; I'm the Madonna of ASCII, the Jello Biafra of vm/cms! I'll write in five different languages and make no sense and change point-of-view when I damn well feel like it!..... Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Alyce was previously the president of the Penn State Monty Python Society (yeah, as if you hadn't guessed!), where she founded the newsletter and started various bad habits, such as the Annual Upperclassman-Twit-of-the- Year Contest. She was involved in the campus public radio station, WPSU, for four and a half years and was a broadcast/cable major as an undergrad.

Currently, *I* :-P write articles for the local liberal journal of news and opinion, _Voices of Central Pennsylvania_. My most recent effort was a 6-part series called "Fun Things to Do on the Internet," the first of which was on the Oracle.

My other interests include: vampires, cats, spirits, playing "The Damned" MUSH, RPing live action _Vampire: The Masquerade_, setting things on fire, comedy in general, frightening my students, and reading Oracularities! :-)

Why did everyone include their marriage/relationship status? What is this, a computer dating service? Come to think of it, it *could* be interesting if we priests started matching up people who seemed to have similar interests (or similar bad tastes in humor). 'Course, we wouldn't know if they were male or female, but what does it matter on the Net!

If you must know, I just got out of a 4 1/2 year relationship and am doing much better, thank-you. And I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm currently involved with someone I met over the Net (not because of *him* but because it's a final confirmation of my true nerd status!).

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