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Biographies of The Internet Oracle Priesthood

Ross Clement

Tenure: February 1998-Present

Ross Clement was born in New Zealand, and took 23 years to figure out that there were other countries in the world. Deciding that he needed some 'adventure', he left New Zealand for Japan. Having extensively prepared for this by watching Shogun on television, he immediately was able to fit right into the culture and only needed half an hour to explain to a supermarket worker that he wanted to buy some plastic bags (try explaining *that* with sign language). Four years later, he returned to New Zealand, having spoken rapidly decreasing amounts of English in the meantime, and gained an accent which proved impossible for New Zealanders to identify (the visual cues may have been part of it).

Ross now lives in England, and considers himself 'international', a claim not supported by his recent trip to France where he expected that Parisians people would be happy to speak English with him.

Unique among the priesthood, Ross offers the opportunity for disgruntled supplicants or incarnations to beat him up, but attending the same Karate class as him, from 7:30pm, Mondays and Thursdays, University of Westminster Gym, Regent Street, London.

Ross is a Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Westminster.

Ross enjoys veggie food, and singing along very loudly but not tunefully at concerts of expatriate New Zealand bands in London.

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