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Biographies of The Internet Oracle Priesthood

Ian Davis

Tenure: January 1991-Present

As in so many other ways in life, I am the odd one out in the Priesthood, having completely stuffed up Dave Sewell's demographics by being of the medical persuasion. I have no CS background, or foreground for that matter, nor do I ever want to, although I am known as an expert in programming in YABA *. I used to own an Amiga at home, (a faithful old A1000, now sadly deceased), but I now run a Mac and PC at home and a PC at work.

Having completely grossed you all out, let's finish the job. I am a medical oncologist and clinical haematologist (cancer and blood specialist), born and bred in Australia. The great thing about being in Australia is that we live in the future for most of you, so I can tell in advance what rotten days you are going to have. That and the kangaroos hopping down Bourke St in the city, of course. Having spent six years at university and seven years doing my postgraduate specialist training, the sheer horror of having to look for employment overcame me so I went back to school, beginning a PhD in cancer research in early 1991 at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research branch here in Melbourne. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time. For a long time it looked like the thesis would be in comic-book paperback format with lots of ads, but somehow, thanks in large part to the noble art of Crapping On, it actually turned out reasonably well **. Still, it was a nice change from the usual boring collection of good results and brilliant thinking. At the age of 34 it was looking dangerously like I might have to get a job, so of course I neatly sidestepped that by arranging a postdoctoral position in the US, which I took up in April 1995 in Pittsburgh (Go Steelers/Pirates). We returned in January 1997, complete with Terrible Towel. I'm now working at the Ludwig Institute Oncology Unit at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. As well as all the usual comprehensive cancer services, we have a particular interest in tumour immunology and immunotherapy and have some very interesting clinical trials going.

I have been married for the best years of my life, and for those men of you out there looking for the perfect woman you might as well give up because she's mine. I have two beautiful daughters, age varying depending on when you read this, both going on 16 God help me. My interests include a deep and passionate love for good science fiction and fantasy, mucking about with computers as a luser, friends, faith and family. I also like horse-riding and meeting people ... sorry, don't know what came over me for a minute there. Did I mention the three beautiful women in my life? Oh yes.


  • "He's a very naughty boy!" - My mum
  • "A shining wit." - The Rev. Spooner
  • "Who?" - My supervisor
  • "Just shut up and select more drivel." - Kinzler
* Yet Another Bloody Acronym
** i.e, it's finished and I never have to look at it again ****.
*** There is no ***.
**** Wonders will never cease. They actually passed it.

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