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Biographies of The Internet Oracle Priesthood

Jonathan G. Monsarrat

Tenure: October 1990-March 1995

Well, Alex, our returning champion, JONATHAN MONSARRAT, hails from PROVIDENCE, RI where his hobbies include lion taming, crowd surfing, and being a PRESIDENT in a COMPUTER GAME COMPANY, building bugs into the code and studying 3D GRAPHICS. In addition to having THICK GLASSES and collecting a showcase of ANNOYING NERDY LAUGHS, Jon has a fondness for Dr. Who, Star Trek, and anything involving computers. If you hum a few bars, Jon can fake ability in CREATIVE WRITING, LIVE ROLEPLAYING GAMES, and INTERNATIONAL POLITICS, that last including COUNTER-TERRORISM and NEGOTIATION. Jon thinks too many people replace political issues with mindless political humor, and usually cans all political jokes, regardless of who they attack. RUMOR has it that Jon has TWO GIRLFRIENDS, but upon investigation by the SECRET SERVICE, one of them turned out to be a SPARC workstation.

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