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Biographies of The Internet Oracle Priesthood

HRH Prince Timothy T. W. Chew, Duke of North Hills

Tenure: November 1998-Present

His Royal Highness, Prince Timothy Twining Webster Chew, Duke of North Hill was born, sans titles, in March 1970, in Boca Raton Florida. After about nine years of sun and warm weather, he was moved up North to Roswell, Georgia. Georgia was nice, but not nearly as warm as Florida, so, in 1982, his parents decided he would be happier in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was too, except there was this "snow" thing which happened occasionally in the winter.

In 1988, Tim graduated from High School and went off to the far reaches of Downtown Raleigh to attend North Carolina State University. He had the high hopes of being an Electrical Engineer, until Circuits 2 class, when they started saying "transistor" at him. When he finally emerged from his hiding place under the desk, it was too late. He had become a Communication major, with a Theater concentration, which was all right, because that meant he could get course credit for staying up all night, drinking beer, and smoking cigarettes. He was quite happy until 1994, when the faculty sighed a petition that NCSU give him a degree and "get this guy out of our hair."

To make a bad thing worse, he got married later that year. He's much better, now.

His Royal Highness received his title at the beginning of 1998 when his brother, after a heavy overdose of the Spice Girls, declared himself the King of Raleigh, and named Tim his heir.

Tim does volunteer works at the Raleigh Little Theater, and he also dabbles in genealogy. In fact, he asks anyone of Anglo-Saxon decent with the last name Chew to feel free to contact him.

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