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The Internet Oracle
also known as The Usenet Oracle

Know thyself.
-- Delphic Oracle, 8th century BC
The folly of mistaking a paradox for a discovery, a metaphor for a proof, a torrent of verbiage for a spring of capital truths, and oneself for an oracle, is inborn in us.
-- Paul Valéry, 1895

Do you endeavor with a difficult dilemma, or ponder a posed problem you cannot perspicaciously pursue? Angling anxiously for advice? The Internet Oracle can help! Like all famous oracles, the Internet Oracle is omniscient, and will provide some answer to your question. In return, the Oracle may require that you perform a small service ...

All about the Internet Oracle, an anonymous, cooperative email system for creative, (usually) humorous writing, serving the Net since 1989 and realizing its first virtual personality.

Exercise your human capacity to create via this email gateway for submitting questions and requests to the Internet Oracle.

Imbibe of the fountain of Oracular wisdom by reading and voting on the Oracularities digests, the best of the Oracularities digests and the special Oracularities collections.

The distilled sagacity of the Oracle, in the form of reviewed Oracularities, is brought to you by the tireless priests.

What's new

8 Oct 2009: The Oracle celebrates 20 years of service.
9 Aug 2008: The Oracle is listed as the fifth meme of all time spawned by the Internet on the dipity Internet Memes topic.
24 Jun 2001: Oracle priests Sid Dabster and Pitr Dubovich have been discovered to be User Friendly comic strip characters!
13 Mar 2001: Oracle priest and NetBSD Foundation president Charles Hannum garners international media attention with the release of his 442-byte CSS decoder, claiming the record for the smallest yet and further stirring the controversy.
18 Feb 2001: Retired Oracle priest, professor and author Carole Fungaroli is interviewed on CBS' 60 Minutes about on-line colleges.
Nov 2000: The Living Internet recognizes the Internet Oracle's place in Internet history.

What's old ...

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